Software Development

Software Development refers to the development and to design a software product in a meticulous and structured order. Engrossing not only to write the source code but the process also embraces the basic groundwork from instigating the original idea towards the final output.

SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)

There are various processes, which employed during the development of software. Each phase performs like key essential for the next phase in the cycle.

  • Identification of required software
  • Analysis of the software requirements
  • Detailed specification of the software requirements
  • Software design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Software development - Need of the hour

Software today has become more essential for every sector and industry as it can primarily be employed for the following purpose.

  • Customized use :
  • Such software are developed for specific customer or organization as per their specification. These are also referred to as bespoke software or tailor made software.

  • Commercial use :
  • Also termed as Payware, is designed and developed for commercial use that is, for sale.

  • Personal use :
  • This software is developed solely for convenience, so as to truncate the excess time taken, improve productivity and reduce the time and effort.